Grendel's Cave Hall of Fame

GC Version 2.8.2 Race to Einherjar Slay Winner

To win, a thane simply had to kill Grendel in the Einherjar kingdom from 2015-02-17 through 2015-04-26.

Rank: 1 DK (650 Lives and ugly T-shirt Winner! - King of GC)  on 2015-04-26

GC Version 2.8.2 Race to the Einherjar Slay

To be counted a Grendel Kill must be achieved in a Jarl, Viking or Einherjar kingdom before the Einherjar kingdom is won
from 2015-02-17 through 2015-04-26.

Rank: 201 DK (Einherjar slay to win V2.8.2)  on 2015-04-26
Rank: 200 King Fire  on 2015-04-05
Rank: 199 DK (Viking Slay!)  on 2015-04-04
Rank: 198 DK  on 2015-03-26