Grendel's Cave Hall of Fame

GC Version 2.0 Live

To be counted a Grendel Kill must be achieved in an Advanced or Tournament Kingdom during the live run of version 2.0 from 2007-11-11 through 2010-11-05.

Rank: 99 Secret Agent (Last v2.0 slay. Version 2.0 ends.)  on 2010-11-05
Rank: 97 Demonic  on 2010-06-16
Rank: 94 Tyrant (First slay of '10 and Championship winning slay. Tyrant is King of GC.
I declare Abyss best GC player of all time!)  on 2010-05-30
Rank: 93 Secret Agent (Halloween Challenge Winner)  on 2009-10-31
Rank: 92 AdmiraLChucK (1002 Finally Falls!)  on 2009-10-16
Rank: 91 Makaveli  on 2009-09-03
Rank: 90 Secret Agent  on 2009-08-22
Rank: 89 krause (kadence) (First 2.0 Tournament Kingdom Slay. I guess it was possible.)  on 2009-08-21
Rank: 88 kadence (First slay of 2009.)  on 2009-08-20
Rank: 87 kadence  on 2008-11-14
Rank: 86 PICKLE-ARMY  on 2008-11-09
Rank: 85 Secret Agent (Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow!)  on 2008-10-31
Rank: 84 Makaveli  on 2008-09-21
Rank: 83 Bastard  on 2008-09-17
Rank: 82 Rogue (Third, two in one day. Poor Grendel.)  on 2008-07-24
Rank: 81 jambi (Second Kill, I guess it is possible.)  on 2008-07-24
Rank: 80 Secret Agent (First v2.0 kill! Poor Grendel, for he is dead.)  on 2008-04-15

NorseGC Version 2.0 Beta Grendel Slayers or Grendel

To be counted a Grendel Kill must be achieved in an Advanced or Tournament Kingdom, or Grendel must win by stalemating the quests during the beta run of version 2.0 from 2007-02-23 through 2007-11-11.

 Grendel (Grendel says, 'I win Norse! Where is my crown?' No one killed Grendel in 2007.)  on 2007-11-11