Speedrunning is now live!

What is Speedrunning?

A speedrun is a play-through (or a recording thereof) of a video game performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible within one's own ability. I have incorporated speedrunning into Grendel's Cave with the introduction of new Speedrunning kingdom types. Players can now play in the new Speedrunning kingdoms and compete to kill Grendel in record or near record time.

How does Speedrunning Work in Grendel's Cave?

Speedrunning kingdoms are automatically timed by the system. Timing starts in a kingdom as soon as the first thane enters that kingdom and runs until a thane kills Grendel, at which point that thane is added to the Hall of Fame with the recorded time to kill Grendel.

The system creates new Speedrunning kingdoms as needed, to ensure at least one kingdom is active at all times. The system also creates a new kingdom once a thane is established in all active, open Speedrunning kingdoms, to ensure there is always a fresh opportunity for players to start a clean speedrun.

You can always see the current times in Speedrunning kingdoms on the Kingdom selection page. You can also see a Kingdom's time while playing in that kingdom in the control area status line of the display. The time is displayed in the format of Days:HH:MM:SS, such that 1:02:33:08 is 1 day, 2 hours, 33 minutes and 8 seconds.

New Speedrunning Kingdom Type

Currently I have added one new Speedrunning kingdom type, Speedrunning A26. This kingdom type is similar to the old Advanced kingdom but with a requirement of all 26 amulets to obtain Yggdrasil and thus kill Grendel. I allow player killing in Speedrunning A26 kingdoms to allow other players to block your progress and thus defend record setting times.

The Speedrunning A26 kingdom type has all six thane starting abilities unlocked. When you enter these kingdoms you will have the opportunity to purchase up to an additional five abilities to help in your speedrun.

Hall of Fame

You must slay Grendel in a Speedrunning kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. I will add the thane with the date and time of their slay and their automatically recorded running time in the kingdom. I will rank the thanes on the Hall of Fame from fastest to slowest. This will allow all to see which player is the best Grendel's Cave speedrunner.