Grendel's Cave 2.9

Version 2.9 is retired

New Quests

I added three new quests, with very nice rewards.

New Area

I added a new historical area, with a bookstore where, with an earned new ability, you can buy books for lives.

Existing Quest and Amulet fixes

I revamped six of the existing quests, attempting to balance the game better, and making some of the quests less random, less grinding required and more skill based. I also tried to create a true path to kill any kingdom without having to purchase, or use any lives. The free path may not be initially obvious, but you can figure out a way to obtain anything you need in the game without buying lives, including getting Mother's Heart or spawning the Hallows' Balrog. The Dragon has some new hints he will give for keys that may help you figure out some of this.

Player Requests

I eased up monster Quake; fewer monsters will have it, the ones who do have it will use it less often and it will do less damage. Shape Shifting will no longer jumble your stats. You can sleep in the middle of kill streaks. The Holy Grail is set to a specific cup and no longer just random. You no longer have to grind your way to all those maggots; there is a faster path. I enhanced Thane Listing for paid accounts; you are going to like it. You can pay lives to remove outlaw status. I added a bookstore where you can buy books for lives.

Personal Kingdoms Up To Date

I brought Personal Kingdoms up to date. Now, every feature in the game, including the eleven new ones I added for version 2.9, is available for personalization. Get your personal kingdom, or renew your out of date one, and see all of these options, with explanations. This could be a quick way to know about some of the secret behind the code features of Grendel's Cave.

Prize of 250 Lives, Ugly T-Shirt and Hall Of Fame Version Winner

Players competed for 250 lives, for ranking as the version winner and for another ugly T-Shirt.

Thane Ranking

I ranked Thanes based on points, followed by value, and the winner was the player at the top of the list when the version ended.

Points List

  • Turning in 10 amulets in Thrall: 1 Point
  • Karl Grendel Slay: 1 Point
  • Karl Mother Slay: 1 Point
  • Karl Dragon Slay: 1 Point
  • Odal Grendel Slay: 2 Points
  • Odal Mother Slay: 1 Point
  • Odal Dragon Slay: 1 Point
  • Jarl Grendel Slay: 3 Points
  • Jarl Mother Slay: 2 Points
  • Jarl Dragon Slay: 1 Points
  • Viking Grendel Slay: 6 Points
  • Viking Mother Slay: 4 Points
  • Viking Dragon Slay: 1 Points
  • Einherjar Grendel Slay: 12 Points
  • Einherjar Mother Slay: 8 Points
  • Einherjar Dragon Slay: 1 Points
  • Suffering a PK: -1 Point
  • Remaining Dead, per day: -1 Point

Hall of Fame

You had to slay Grendel in a Jarl or Viking kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. There was only one top-ranked thane added to the Hall of Fame, at the end of the competition, on August 28, 2015.