Grendel's Cave 2.8.2
Race to the Einherjar Slay

Version 2.8.2 is Retired

Private Rooms

You can purchase a private room premium for 5 lives for one week, 15 lives for one month, or in combination with a one month Protection from Death premium for 23 lives. Only your account thanes can enter your private room. You will see a door to and can enter your room from the Inn. No other account thanes, Grendel, nor Grendel's mother can enter. You can teleport to your private room from anywhere in the cave by using the command Private or Private Room in the text box.

Multiple Ability Thanes

You can select multiple abilities when creating a new thane, if you are logged into your account and have lives. There are additional costs for selecting additional abilities. You can select up to six abilities.

Kali Thane

You can create and use a Kali thane, if you are logged in and have lives. Select the special ability "Six Arms" from the first ability menu for a cost of 15 lives.

Grendel Chat

I added chat to version 2.8.2, for any Grendel's Cave account holders. You do not need to be subscribed to, or purchased lives for, the game, to use chat. You can use it either in or out of the game. When you log in you see a link to chat at the top of the page, under the navigation buttons. In-game, you see the chat link at the bottom of the display.

Race to kill the Einherjar Kingdom

Players raced to kill an Einherjar kingdom. The first player to kill the kingdom, won the game and received a special, one of a kind, personalized T-Shirt, with their name, the date they won and a declaration they are the best Grendel's Cave Player of all time. It is really ugly too.

Thane Ranking

I ranked players based on thane value. The killer of the Einherjar kingdom ranked on top, won the game and earned posting on the hall of fame.

Points List

  • Einherjar Grendel Slay: 1 Point

Hall of Fame

You had to slay Grendel in a Jarl, Viking or Einherjar kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. There was only one top-ranked thane added to the Hall of Fame, at the end of the competition when that thane slayed Grendel in the Einherjar kingdom.