Grendel's Cave, Lights Out on April 1, 2018

Grendel Shall Die!

Important notice to all Grendel’s Cave players; Grendel's Cave will go dark on April 1, 2018 indefinitely. I am no longer accepting payment for lives or giving out cash prizes. If you have any lives remaining, please use them up in March 2018. I am not issuing any refunds for any unused lives. If there is anything you wish to accomplish in Grendel's Cave before its demise please do it this month; there may not be any future opportunities.

I thank all players of Grendel's Cave, past and present, for their loyal support of the game. It has been a pleasure to serve you my game for nearly 20 years. That is actually longer than Grendel's original war on Hrothgar, King of the Danes, as documented in Beowulf all those centuries ago. May the memory of Grendel's Cave last as long as the memory of Beowulf!

Ic on earde bad męlgesceafta, heold min tela, ne sohte searonišas, ne me swor fela aša on unriht. Ic šęs ealles męg feorhbennum seoc gefean habban; for šam me witan ne šearf waldend fira moršorbealo maga, žonne min sceaceš lif of lice.