Personal Kingdoms

You may purchase a Personal Kingdom premium for 15 lives that lasts one month. A great thing about Personal Kingdoms is it costs you one less life to resurrect your thanes. You can resurrect thanes in your own kingdom at no cost. If you configure your kingdom to allow the Witch to give hourglasses then there is no cost for your thanes to enter the kingdom. Hourglass kingdoms cost you 99 lives to resurrect as the intention is that you never be able to resurrect thanes in this type of kingdom.

You can allow other accounts to enter your personal kingdoms. You set up a login name and password for your kingdom and when another account creates a new thane, they can enter your kingdom if they know the name and password. Other accounts do not enjoy reduced resurrection costs in your personal kingdoms.

You can configure your Personal Kingdom to your liking, as a Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Tournament, Rumble or a completely customized kingdom. You can configure such attributes as cave depth, Witch Hourglasses, Player Killing allowed, Quest attributes, your own or system generated riddle questions, among many other attributes. You can even run your own tournaments by adding lives to your kingdom to provide a prize for any account that kills Grendel.

Start your own kingdom today and enjoy free resurrections and unlimited play.