Notification to Players of Grendel's Cave

Grendel's Cave 2.7

Version 2.7 is Retired

Semiannual Cash Prize

Players competed for one, semiannual cash prize that I awarded on August 14 at midnight to the then highest ranked thane. I based the prize amount directly on the number of lives sold during the six-month game period.

Thane Ranking

I ranked players based on points earned in the game.

Points List

  • Odal Grendel Slay: 2 Points
  • Odal Mother Slay: 1 Point
  • Odal Dragon Slay: 1 Point
  • Jarl Grendel Slay: 5 Points
  • Jarl Mother Slay: 2 Points
  • Jarl Dragon Slay: 2 Points
  • Viking Grendel Slay: 11 Points
  • Viking Mother Slay: 3 Points
  • Viking Dragon Slay: 3 Points
  • Suffering a PK: -1 Point
  • Remaining Dead, per day: -1 Point

Thane Sailing

I allow thanes, for the first time ever, to sail, not only to higher-level kingdoms, but also to sail back into lower-level kingdoms.

Hall of Fame

You had to slay Grendel in a Jarl or Viking kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. There was only one top-ranked thane added to the Hall of Fame, at the end of the competition, at midnight on August 14, 2013.