Notification to Players of Grendel's Cave

Grendel's Cave 2.8.1

Version 2.8.1 is Retired

Thrall Amulets

Version 2.8.1 added Thrall Amulets. You can complete quests and earn any and all, and as many amulets as you wish in the Thrall kingdom, though you still cannot trade these amulets in for the Yggdrasil amulet and you cannot kill Grendel in Thrall. You can, however, take any of these quest items with you now when you sail from Thrall to Karl kingdoms, and use them in those Karl kingdoms to kill Grendel.

Einherjar Kingdom Type

In this version I added a new Einherjar kingdom type. This is the most difficult kingdom type ever in Grendelís Cave. You must complete every quest to kill Grendel. Protection From Death premium will not work in Einherjar kingdoms, so if you die you will have to resurrect your thane.

Closed Exploits

I closed a few exploits I became aware of during the run of v2.8. This should make thane building and progression more challenging.

New Premiums

I added two new Protection from Death premiums, daily, for two lives per day, and weekly, for five lives per week.

Semiannual Cash Prize

Players competed for one cash prize that I awarded on August 16, 2014. I based the prize amount directly on the number of lives sold during the six-month game period.

Thane Ranking

I ranked players based on points earned in the game.

Points List

  • Karl Dragon Slay: 1 Point
  • Odal Grendel Slay: 2 Points
  • Odal Mother Slay: 1 Point
  • Odal Dragon Slay: 1 Point
  • Jarl Grendel Slay: 5 Points
  • Jarl Mother Slay: 2 Points
  • Jarl Dragon Slay: 2 Points
  • Viking Grendel Slay: 11 Points
  • Viking Mother Slay: 3 Points
  • Viking Dragon Slay: 3 Points
  • Einherjar Grendel Slay: 23 Points
  • Einherjar Mother Slay: 4 Points
  • Einherjar Dragon Slay: 4 Points
  • Suffering a PK: -1 Point
  • Remaining Dead, per day: -1 Point

Hall of Fame

You had to slay Grendel in a Jarl or Viking kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. There was only one top-ranked thane added to the Hall of Fame, at the end of the competition, on August 16, 2014.