Grendel's Cave is a free on-line adventure game based on the mythical fantasy characters Beowulf and Grendel. It is Norse Mythology, Dark Age and Viking adventure based. Role-play in a free medieval, RPG, browser-based game. No downloads required.

Grendel's Cave will go dark on April 1, 2018 indefinitely. Please see the Notice page for information.

Grendel's Cave incorporates speedrunning, allowing players to compete for the fastest times to kill Grendel. See the Notice page for information about speedrunning in Grendel's Cave.

Join a tribe and bring glory to you kin. Please see the Tribe Ranking page for current rank of Tribes.

Grendel's Cave is free for all to play! You can play free for the rest of March 2018, after which Grendel's Cave will go dark. If you die in higher level kingdoms you can start over or for one life you can resurrect your thane and continue. You can pay a small amount of lives for many fun extras in the game.