The Witch

The Witch is an important NPC in Grendel's Cave. You will need to go to the Witch to obtain magical abilities and items. To get something from the Witch go to the Witches Hovel and click on her. She heals your wounds, gives you free improvements and magical items, teaches you magical abilities and enchants your weapons and armor. All of this costs gold rings. Beware, because she can also be nasty. She can banish you, curse you, steal your rings and stuff, reduce your abilities or simply ridicule you. It is a mixed bag of tricks and always risky to go to her but you must if you are to obtain the magic needed to survive very deep in the caves. Make sure your magical ability is at least four before clicking on the Witch or she will do bad magic. Bring her flowers and bugs because she loves these and is more likely to be nice to you if you give her a present. The Witch likes combs, too, and if you give her one, she will remove any curse you might have. Also, try giving her Runes, if you happen to find any. She will give you two improvements for every Rune you give her.

To give the Witch something, or another Thane for that matter, select Give from the Use Item select field, type the word Witch into the text field and click on the item you wish to give to the Witch. Alternately, you could select Give, type the name of what you want to give into the text field and click on the Witch. To give her rings, select Give, type in a number, a space, the word rings and click on the Witch.