The Quests

There are twenty-three quests. Each quest is outlined, briefly, in the table below.

AmuletWorld/LocationBrief Description
SunAsgardBuild Asgard's Wall
MoonVanaheimGive five Vanaheim artifacts back to Njord
RatatoskAlfheimGive the Tooth-Gift to the Infant God
SeaCenter of the SeaStrike Jormungand on the head with Mjolnir
OreNidavellirGive Sindri a grotesque amount of gold rings
EarthSvartalfheimDrop a grotesque amount of maggots
FrostJotunheimDrink from Font of Life, without dying
IceNiflheimCorrectly answer Hel's three questions
FireMuspelheimReturn Sword of Revenge to Sutur
ValknutHallowsRetrieve the Valknut amulet from the Hallows
GnipaGnipahellirKill Gnipahellir dragon
FafnirNidavellirKill Fafnir
CyclopsWestern IslandKill the Cyclops
UndeadPyramidKill the Undead Warrior
BalrogHallowsKill the Hallows Balrog
LevithanSeaKill a levithan
MermaidSeaKill a mermaid
Kill three different types of giants
LibraryLibraryDrop one of each of the joke book titles
SolomonPyramidFind the Solomon Amulet in a Pyramid Wall
FutharkRunristarieDrop one of each rune type in the Runristarie
MomGrendel's CaveKill Grendel's Mother before Grendel's death
Dragon's BloodAnywhereKeep killing monsters to obtain this ultimate kill streak prize