Amulets are the fruits of all your rune collecting, rune stone writing and questing. Each time you complete a quest you will receive an amulet. There are currently twenty-three different amulets with unlimited multiples of each in each kingdom. All quests can be completed multiple times and more than one thane can posses the same amulet type in each kingdom.

Amulets are powerful and each one has a special magical ability. They give you an edge in the game, but the time will come when you need to trade in those amulets for the ultimate amulet, Yggdrasil. This amulet will give you the ability to kill Grendel. To obtain Yggdrasil you must have the correct number of amulets needed for the White Witch to give it to you. The White Witch lives in a house on one of the western islands. You will have to sail west to find her island and search the island to find her. Go to her with your amulets and enter her house. Give her any amulet, she will take the required number, which varies by kingdom type, and she will give you Yggdrasil. There can be multiple Yggdrasil amulets per kingdom. An unlimited number of thanes can get one from the White Witch.