Grendel's Cave Is back and running version 5.0 Resurrection

Grendel's Cave is back for any of the loyal players from days gone by who want to kill Grendel once again or want to try to dominate the other players in Grendel's Cave.

I left your old accounts, so if you remember your password, or your email address and can recover your account, you can continue to play with your old account. If you had any remaining paid lives on your account, a paid life is any life you actually paid money for, I left those lives on your account. I removed most thanes from the database, but I left eleven thanes with special honors, such as King of GC, in a reset state. I made any remaining thane in a tribe, chief of that tribe, and I preserved these six tribes only.

Grendel's Cave is subscription based now and you will need to subscribe at $10.95 a month to play. Existing accounts get a free 24-hour subscription that starts when your first log back in. New accounts also get a free 24-hour subscription that starts when you create your new account. After your subscription runs out you will need to purchase a subscription to continue playing. You can purchase a subscription by logging in or creating a new account, clicking on the Subscription button on the Account page, clicking on the Buy Now button next to the subscription option you want, and then completing your payment using PayPal. You can then play for the length of your subscription. As a bonus, I am giving away free lives with each subscription level.

At the end of each day, right at the start of the next day, the account owning the living thane with the highest daily tally will win 5 lives. Thanes earn tallies by waking up consecutive days in a row and by actions taken in game.

This version of Grendel's Cave has six kingdom levels. All kingdoms are Hourglass kingdoms; the Witch will give hourglasses that can be turned over and used to backup your thane at their current location. If your thane dies and is holding a turned over hourglass, then you will be saved and returned to the location where your turned over that hourglass.

  • The Thrall Kingdom is a starterís kingdom. You cannot kill Grendel in the Thrall Kingdom. You must have a value of 1,000 or more to sail to the next level, Karl Kingdom and have a chance to kill Grendel.
  • Karl Kingdoms are second level kingdoms and are non-PK. You must kill Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon in a Karl kingdom to sail to the next level, Odal Kingdom.
  • Odal Kingdoms are third level kingdoms and are more challenging, PK kingdoms. You must kill Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon in an Odal kingdom to sail to the next level, Jarl kingdom.
  • Jarl Kingdoms are fourth level kingdoms and are difficult, PK kingdoms. You must kill Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon in a Jarl kingdom to sail to the next level, Viking kingdom.
  • Viking Kingdoms are top-level, highly competitive, PK kingdoms for the most advanced players. Viking Kingdoms are highly rewarding.
  • Einherjar Kingdoms are nearly impossible kingdoms, for players who want to bang their heads against the wall. There is no protection from death in these kingdoms, so if you die your protection from death will not save your thane.

Thanks in advance for subscribing, welcome back, and as always, please, kill more monsters!