Grendel's Cave Is back and running

Grendel's Cave is back for any of the loyal players from days gone by who want to kill Grendel once again or want to try to dominate the other players in Grendel's Cave.

I left your old accounts, so if you remember your password, or your email address and can recover your account, you can continue to play with your old account. If you had any remaining paid lives on your account, a paid life is any life you actually paid money for, I left those lives on your account. I removed most thanes from the database, but I left eleven thanes with special honors, such as King of GC, in a reset state. I made any remaining thane in a tribe, chief of that tribe, and I preserved these six tribes only.

You can play Grendel's Cave for free now in any of the free kingdoms For Norse these are the Thrall and Karl kingdoms; you can play as much and for as long as you wish for free in these kingdoms. You can also play free in the Retro version of the game in the Beginning or Intermediate kingdoms.

If you wish, you may also get a premium subscription to Grendel's Cave for as little as less than $5 a month. There are some really great perks for having a subscription, including the following.

  • Access to higher level kingdoms that allow you to get your name on the Hall of Fame
  • Access to special events and kingdom types, such as rumbles, tournaments, Halloween and Birthday kingdoms
  • Each of your Thanes (characters) gets an extra unlocked ability
  • Access to an in-game magic house that sells magical items and item enhancements
  • One bound item to your account; bound items cannot be lost and can be called from any kingdom
  • Free personal kingdom that you can configure to your liking
  • Thane name aliases that show on the thane listing; this can protect your thane in PK kingdoms
  • Access to character stats and premium character statistics listing and analysis
  • Posting on the Hall of Fame if you kill Grendel in a public higher level kingdom
  • Ability to open in-game treasure chests that contain cool weapons, armor, items and even free lives!
  • Access to purchase protection from death
  • Access to purchase private rooms
  • Access to purchase personal pictures for your characters in-game
  • Access to purchase stealth mode which hides your awake status from the thane listing further protecting you in PK kingdoms

At the end of each day, right at the start of the next day, the account owning the living thane with the highest daily tally will win 5 lives. Thanes earn tallies by waking up consecutive days in a row and by actions taken in game.

Thanks in advance for subscribing, welcome back, and as always, please, kill more monsters!